Laser-navigated AGV, a necessity for future smart factories

The phenomenon of labor shortage has prompted many companies to deeply realize the importance and necessity of automated logistics equipment such as unmanned forklifts and AGVs in the field of industrial logistics, and has accelerated the pace of “machines to help people”. Improve the automation level of the warehousing system to solve the problems of labor shortage, increase in labor costs, hidden dangers of personnel safety and low efficiency, and enhance the competitiveness and anti-risk ability of enterprises. Unable to meet the diverse market demands in the future.

Advantages of laser navigation

In the face of diversified, personalized, and customized consumption trends, enterprises need to build a flexible production line that can flexibly handle small-batch and multi-batch production tasks. To do this depends on which navigation method the AGV adopts.

At present, the more mature navigation technologies of AGV are magnetic strip guidance, two-dimensional code guidance, laser navigation, visual navigation, etc. In the earliest days, mobile robots mainly used magnetic stripe guidance and two-dimensional code navigation. The advantages of these two navigation methods are that they are cheap and relatively low cost, but the disadvantage is that once the production content and process flow are changed, they need to be redeployed. track. Not only is the process cumbersome, but it is also prone to human interference or damage resulting in misjudgment. Therefore, such traditional mobile robots do not really provide much help for factories. It was not until the emergence of laser SLAM navigation that this situation was changed.

The SLAM refers to “simultaneous positioning and map creation technology”. Through this technology, mobile robots can autonomously locate and navigate in unknown environments without pre-laying any tracks. This saves you the trouble of deploying the track. It can not only improve work efficiency but also save deployment costs and time. Therefore, in recent years, laser SLAM navigation robots have received more and more attention.

The laser scene navigation AGV does not require any auxiliary positioning, realizes “on-the-go”, and is easy to maintain. The laser scene navigation AGV automatically detours when encountering obstacles can perform various tasks in different locations, and can automatically make adjustments to meet the changing environment and production requirements.

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