CASUN has been providing AGV & AMR material handling solutions worldwide since 2007

We have Magnetic tape guided AGV,
QR code guided AGV,
Laser guided and SLAM guided AGV/AMR,
that can help your projects do better.

CASUN AGV & AMR products

CASUN popular AGV & AMR projects

CASUN popular AGV & AMR models

Product No.






AGV Picture

Navigation method

Magnetic tape guided

Magnetic tape guided

QR code guided, Laser, SLAM guided

Laser, SLAM guided

Laser, SLAM guided

Model No.







500KG / 1,000KG

600KG / 1,200KG / 1,500KG




Moving speed



QR code guided: 0~72m/min;
SLAM guided: 0~60m/min



CASUN AGV & AMR applications


lithium battery PACK manufacturing line intelligent upgrade application sharing

Introduction of new energy lithium battery pack line New energy lithium battery PACK generally refers to packaging, packaging, and assembly. For example, 2 batteries are...

Forklift AGV helps manufacturing enterprises to upgrade intelligently in

The diversification of forklift AGV application scenarios has laid the foundation for its broad market space. Large industries such as automobiles, 3C, and new energy...

Power battery manufacturing factory | AGV/AMR application sharing in the front

Under the trend of large-scale development of power batteries, material cost reduction has limited the reduction of BOM cost of power batteries. Through innovative manufacturing...

Power battery manufacturing factory | AGV/AMR application sharing in the front

The global power battery is starting a new round of capacity expansion, accelerating the development of power battery manufacturing towards large-scale, automated and intelligent trends...

Project Sharing – Logistics Planning Concept in the New Era of Car

Applications of AGV/AMR in the automotive logistics industry In the traditional application department, this article will briefly summarize the four major processes of OEMs. In...

Case Appreciation | CASUN Intelligent and a large tobacco company to create a

With the popularization of mechanization and informatization, relying on the development of the Internet of Things, big data and autonomous driving technology, manufacturing companies have...

Automobile Industry (3) | Intelligent Manufacturing Application Practice

The design of a modern automobile factory is a complex system engineering. As a typical welding factory among the four major processes of the whole...

Automobile Industry (5) | Intelligent Manufacturing Application Practice

The task of the automobile assembly shop is to assemble various parts, components and components such as engines and transmissions on the body base according...

Automobile Industry (4) | Intelligent Manufacturing Application Sharing in

Based on the combing and analysis of the current research status and trends in the automotive field, the characteristics and internal laws of automotive interior...

Since with potential customers in their region obtaining the latest product information and technical support with local partners’ help is extremely important globally. For long-term partnership opportunities, we offer the following benefits:

Technical Support Benefits:

  1. Professional training conducted by our technical expertise, and 24/7, fully dedicated support.
  2. The customer-centric professional team is committed to ensuring friendly, smooth, and error-free service and support from start to finish.
  3. We strive to provide detailed and comprehensive technical guides and comprehensive and detailed supporting documents to familiarize you with the products, services, and experiences we provide.
Financial Benefits:
  1. Competitive high margins for our partners.
  2. With the help of each other’s experience and advantages, we will develop a comprehensive plan together that can pass the test of time and project to ensure that customers, partners, and us can more efficiently and perfectly solve customer needs.
Sales & Marketing Benefits:
  1. Our team has many years of global market business-to-business marketing experience, dedicated to maximizing market development and sales processes.
  2. Professional sales support staff are always at your service to ensure that you and your team go smoothly from concept to implementation.

Together, we can make the world a better place.

The questions and answers that follow have come straight from our customers. Hopefully, they will help to answer some of your questions, but if they do not, feel free to Contact Us.

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