CASUN 800KG payload AGV Carrying ABB Robot ARM to transport materials in Instrumentation Manufacturing Industry

Background of the project

The composite robot in this project is mainly used in the detection process of smart meters. The project includes automatic docking with the three-dimensional library to complete the movement in and out of the library, the smart meter detection station docking to complete the automatic meter picking and hanging meter action, and the automatic labeling and coding machine docking to complete the drumline. Enter and exit, and connect with Party A’s MES system to realize digital information control; provide strong support for customers to build smart unmanned factories.

Project difficulty

Unmanned factory information exchange

To build an intelligent unmanned factory, customers need to interact with various information systems of customers to ensure timely and accurate data transmission; the manipulator is equipped with a code scanning function and cooperates with the AGVS system to realize real-time data interaction through docking with the customer’s MES system.

High requirements for positioning accuracy and stopping accuracy

The smart meter detection platform requires high positioning accuracy to achieve the accuracy of ±1mm when removing the meter and hanging the meter; the two-dimensional code navigation AGV is used to achieve a positioning accuracy of ±10mm, while the robot uses high-precision visual inspection equipment to achieve a ±1mm docking Require.

High requirements for robotic grippers

The customer’s smart meter products are diversified, with inconsistent sizes, different packing quantities, and it is difficult to automatically grasp the robot; different fixtures are designed for different types of smart meters, which can automatically switch according to the type of smart meters, and at the same time, to meet the efficiency of picking and hanging meters, Can grab 3 electric meters at the same time.


◆The project has 3 sets of C6-21 composite robots, 3 sets of automatic charging poles, 1 set of AGV intelligent control systems, 3 sets of ABB manipulators, 3 sets of visual positioning systems, 3 sets of visual scanning systems, and multiple sets of customized fixtures.

◆The AGV intelligent control system is connected with the customer’s MES system, WMS system, inspection platform system, and manipulator operating system, intelligently planning the optimal transportation path of AGV, improving the efficiency of picking and hanging meters, and processing and distinguishing NG products.

◆AGV sends the smart meters to the corresponding test station in an orderly manner according to the smart meter information and binds the information of the smart meter and the test station by scanning the code. After the test station is full of smart meters, the MES system is notified, and the test station conducts the smart meter test.

◆After the overall test of the smart meter on the test, the bench is completed, the OK and NG status of the smart meter will be fed back to the AGV system through the MES system, and the AGV will be dispatched to load the smart meter into different material frames. After 6 boxes of smart meters are filled, the smart meter will be installed. Bind the information with the material frame by scanning the code, and sending it to the coding and labeling process.

◆Finally, send the coded and labeled smart meter to the three-dimensional warehouse to realize the unmanned automatic distribution and inspection of the whole process.

Advantages of the scheme

Multi-positioning technology to achieve high-precision docking

AGV uses inertial navigation two-dimensional code visual inspection to achieve precise positioning with an accuracy of ±10mm; the manipulator uses a high-precision visual camera for detection with an accuracy of ±1mm.

Multi-system linkage realizes intelligent unmanned workshop

The AGV intelligent control system is docked with the WMS system to automatically generate warehousing inspection tasks; docked with the MES system to realize real-time monitoring of material dynamics, and synchronously transmit the binding information of the smart meter and the material frame, and the detection status of the smart meter; dock with the manipulator system to achieve intelligence The functions of hanging the watch, picking the watch, switching fixtures, etc., do not require manual participation in the whole process.

Intelligent scheduling for efficient applications

Intelligently plan the optimal path, reduce invalid walking, and improve operational efficiency. The AGV intelligent control system can also record the binding material information in real-time to realize the synchronization of accounts and materials.

Docking a variety of specifications and sizes of smart meters

According to the specifications and dimensions of the smart meter, three different manipulator fixtures are designed, namely, a fixture for grabbing 1 meter, a fixture for grabbing 3 meters at the same time, and a fixture for grabbing the material box. Multiple sets of fixtures are automatically switched.

Customer revenue

Improve factory automation

From the delivery to the hanging meter inspection, from picking the meter to coding and labeling, and finally to the finished product entering the warehouse, the entire process is completed by a composite manipulator, which enhances the degree of factory automation.

Improved detection efficiency

The manipulator automatically hangs up and picks up the watch, minus personnel operations, and reduces the rate of operation errors.

Improve information flow

From the delivery of the product to be inspected to the entry of the finished product, the entire process monitors the location of the smart meter. The time of entry and exit of the smart meter and the detection status information can be traced to achieve product informatization.

Product description

The C6-21 composite robot AGV is composed of an AGV chassis, a power conveyor roller, and an ABB manipulator. It can grab materials into the basket and transport the entire basket to the corresponding station.

technical parameter:

Navigation methodQR code navigation
Moving methodForward, retreat, rotate in place, move sideways
AGV Payload800KG
Robot arm payload10KG
Moving speed0~60m/min
Navigation accuracy±10mm
Stop accuracy±10mm
Charging methodSide charge
BatteryLithium battery
Safety protection≤3m adjustable, front obstacle detection sensor + mechanical anti-collision mechanism double protection

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