Forklift AGV helps manufacturing enterprises to upgrade intelligently in warehousing and logistics

The diversification of forklift AGV application scenarios has laid the foundation for its broad market space. Large industries such as automobiles, 3C, and new energy with a high degree of automation have complex technological processes, many categories, and complex material structures. Tire, chemical industry, papermaking, etc. The industry will have a huge demand for forklift AGV.

For manufacturing enterprises, the storage and internal transportation of materials and products have a large workload, a single process, and cumbersome operations, and the traditional method requires professional forklift operators to operate manual forklifts for repeated unloading and transportation operations. Familiarity and mastery, and proficiency in forklift skills have added difficulty and cost to the enterprise. Therefore, it is the general trend to solve the above problems by introducing an intelligent forklift AGV system and helping enterprises realize the intelligence of internal storage management, logistics management, and production management.

As the key equipment of modern logistics automation and flexible manufacturing, forklift AGV is the application hotspot of intelligent logistics. Forklift AGV can be used in industrial manufacturing, warehousing handling, logistics sorting and other fields to reduce the labor intensity of production and assembly, overcome problems such as personnel shortages, and improve production efficiency in various fields; after continuous technology research and development and iteration, CASUN forklifts AGV solution has the following characteristics:

  1. Rapid deployment and high cost performance: Using 2D/3D simulation technology for modeling, compared with other solutions, the use of manual labels such as reflectors can be reduced by 80%, the site renovation is close to zero, and the site environment change is more tolerant. powerful.
  2. Intelligent obstacle avoidance, high-precision picking and placing of goods: Based on a variety of sensors and safety lasers, the sensing space and sensing accuracy of industrial unmanned vehicles can be greatly improved, and highly intelligent autonomous navigation, picking and placing goods and obstacle avoidance, can be realized, and the efficiency of single-vehicle operation can be realized. higher and more stable.
  3. Suitable for special environments: Forklift AGV has the characteristics of intelligence, low cost and safe operation. It can be used in high-risk or specialty industries, in cold and hot climates, and in areas with poor or no light.

With the accelerated release of market demand, not only logistics and warehousing but also unmanned forklifts can unlock more scenarios and unmanned pick-and-place projects in more industries. At the same time, CASUN will also continue to enhance the flexibility and adaptive ability of forklift AGVs to cope with more non-standardized manual operations, a variety of vehicles and changes in working space, improve the application breadth and depth of unmanned forklifts, innovate management models and business model to provide more efficient solutions for more enterprises.

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