Interactive Application of Automatic Guided Vehicle and Smart Elevator

With the development of science and technology, the cross-floor transportation application realized by the interaction between AGV trolleys and smart elevators is not only applied in the manufacturing industry but also applied to shopping malls, residences, hospitals, and other occasions where there are elevators. However, it is not a simple matter to allow the AGV trolley to take the elevator by itself. This requires communication between the AGV and the elevator system.

Since elevators are special equipment, the equipment that interacts with the elevator must meet the relevant requirements of the Special Equipment Safety Law, and the safety, stability, and reliability of the interactive system must meet the requirements for safe use of elevators. Therefore, it is very important to design a safe and reliable interaction mechanism.

The AGV and elevator interaction system needs to first establish a data communication link between the AGV and the elevator. Due to the mobility characteristics of the AGV, the communication between the AGV and the AGV management server can use LAN wireless communication. The overall structure of the AGV entering the elevator system includes an AGV management server, elevator, AGV, a communication module, and wireless local area network AP.

The interaction process between the AGV system and the elevator is AGV application for elevator registration → elevator feedback registration success → AGV query elevator floor → elevator feedback floor → AGV request elevator door open → elevator door hold → AGV enter/exit elevator → AGV stops sending door opening request →Elevator closes →The elevator is released successfully. After the AGV applies for elevator registration, it can proceed to the next step if it gets feedback from the elevator and the registration is successful. Every link in the interactive process is indispensable and interlocking; in the communication protocol data section, make full use of the data section Each bit of data is checked and the data bit is checked to avoid transmission and analysis errors, and the amount of communication data can be greatly reduced.

The interactive application of AGV trolleys and intelligent elevators realizes the cross-floor transportation of AGV trolleys. The application of AGV trolleys to transport drugs, food, documents, etc. Across floors has gradually become popular.

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